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[일반] 3-6홍한빛 The potato people를 읽고

Title: The potato people by Pamela Allen Every Friday, Jack's mother works. So, Jack spends the day with grandma. They play hide and seek. They romp roly-poly on the ground. They also read stories and eat cake. One raining day, they made potato people with four potatoes because they could not play outside. By the way, Jack could not come to visit grandma because Jack and his mother had to go away for a while. The potato people wrinkled and their smiles drooped. Grandma thought that they looked like herself and she buried them outside in the compost heap. At last, Jack come to visit his grandma's home again and they paly at outside as before. They went to the compost heap where the poatatoes buried. But they could see see the stalks. All stalks now brown and dead and lying on top of the ground. However, they found hundreds and hundreds of poatoes at there. They made new potato people with the potatoes. Feel: Now, I know that we have to respect old people. We may think that old people can not do anything. However, they can do anything like the potato.
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