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[일반] 3-6 이창하'an honest woodcutter'를 읽고

title : An Honest Woodcutter character : good woodcutter Once upon a time, there lived a good woodcutter. He lived with his parents and took care of them. He always went to the forest and cut down trees. Then he went to the market to sell the trees and made money. One day while he was cutting down trees near a pond, his old ax fell into the pond. He cried, " Oh, my ax! If I don't have my ax, I can't make money and take care of my parents." At that time, a god appeared from the pond and asked, "Why are you crying?" "because I lost my ax. My ax fell into the pond," answer the woodcutter. The god said, " just wait here. I'm goning to find your ax." And the god disappeared. A few minutes later, the god brought a gold ax and a silver ax. "which ax is yours, a gold one or a silver one?" asked the god. The woodcutter said, Those are not my axes. Mine is old iron one. "Okay, I'll find it a again," said the god. The god brouthe an iron ax. Th god said, "Now tell me. Is theis your ax?" "yes, it's mine. Thank you so much," said the woodcutter. The god said with a smile, "You are very honest. I'll give you all three axes; a gold one, a silver one, an an iron one." Th woodcutter made much more money than before with the three axes. He live with his parents happily ever after. I like this woodcutter. because he is honest.
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